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struggling family

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I need help, needing some financial help: I have been looking and looking and looking for help.......... I'm

I have been looking and looking and looking for help.......... I'm NOT getting no where I just started my classes Wednesday and I am soooooooooo BROKE-- I need help... state doesn't seem to want to help-- salvation army can only do so much-- catholic charities made an appt. for help but that will be the 1st week of October...

I've asked for help with anything even if it is for GIFT CARDS for Redner's-- Aldi's-- Walmart-- Dollar General the Dollar Store I don't care, I will get what I need for I and my family

I have had sooooo many health issues && I'm NOT giving up-- I'm fighting to keep what lil bit of food stamps I do get && I don't get ANY cash benefits so I do what I can month to month to get all the things I need paid && buy what lil stuff I can for my home

I SUFFER EMOTIONALLY... My kids always have smiles on there faces, they don't know what there mom has to go through just to keep em' happy... I need a lil break-- I tried even going out && begging for some of those free food tickets or whatever they are for like one of the fast food places so I could feel like I took my kids out to eat... but that didn't work out

I went to the hospital && begged the nurse there for some shampoo cause we ran out && ended up in the restroom TAKING toilet paper that was there for our house... I'm sorry but we really needed the items

MaaaaaaaaaaaaaaN PLEASE SOMEONE READ THIS && HELP US... I'm trying very very hard to finish school--- get through all these health issues I have even after finding out I have another ulcer in my stomach, 2 on both feet and something in my ovaries---- Uuugh--- I go for an EGD in another week so hopefully it will be the start of getting fixed.. I just wanted to have a better life- healthier- providing for my family on my own...


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NEED HELP, struggling family: Struggling. and need help getting. back on are feet every penny.

Struggling. and need help getting. back on are feet every penny. helps
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Hi all, this is very new to us so bare with me.

My wife and I have been married 9 years and have 2 sons, 16 and 8. I was laid off as a crane operator and dont have my certifications to get much work. My wife has always been a stay at home mom until I was laid off. She went to work to help with my unemployment, and was laid off or let go due to downsizing. We have sold everything that isnt needed including our second car. We couldnt afford the payment with our mortgage. We now have 1 car, a 1999 Honda Accord which I own clear and free. My brother helped our oldest son buy a truck so he can do lawnmowing and odd jobs to help with our bills. Our youngest started gardening with us and will take what we grow to the local farmers market, he has everbearing strawberries that are delicious. He even started selling some of his old toys and video games he doesnt play to help out. I wouldnt let him sell his PS3 because he loves it and we use it to get online since selling our computer. Both of our boys are in sports which gets as expensive as you let it! 

We are very behind on our mortgage payments. The bank is working with us as much as they can. My wife has Chrones and ulcerative colitis. Neither of us have health insurance and medical bills have piled up, as well as the cost of the medicines she needs. 

I guess what I am asking for is help. Can someone help us out or point us in the right direction? I am 35 years old and have worked since I was 16. I have never needed help like this nor have I ever asked for help. But I am now, for my family. I dont want to lose our home, we have lived here for almost 10 years now and we need to live here for another 10 or so years. 

So please, if you can help, please do. Your help will never be forgotten and when we get back on our feet we will return the help as much as we can.

Thank you for reading and for any help and or suggestions.

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Woody2205   in reply to needynurse   on

Struggling Family

Hello Sheila: Life is a hard struggle when we start off in the wrong direction.  Sometimes our mistakes take almost all our lives to heal the mess we make for ourselves when we are young and hard to deal with.  Many people when they are too young to understand the guidance and rules that we have to follow.  We feel as teenagers that we know enough to call our own shots.  Don't want to do as we are told.  Now you see the consequences life has to offer when we feel we know how it's going to work out.  But youths never have enough wisdom or hind sight to know you can't do whatever you want and it all turn out ok.  So now that you have this problem the only one who can really give you inner peace is God.  If you believe in him then start by praying and asking for his guidance.  Do you have a church you can go to?  I hope you don't get upset with my answer, but he is the only one who has you in his hands.  Trust in him. For real.

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Struggling Family

Hello all, this is needynurse again. I would like to take this opportunity to express my family's need for financial assistance. Let me begin by telling ya'll my story. I became pregnant with my son at the age of 15, gave birth to him at age 16. Then became pregnant with my dghtr at age 16 1/2 and gave birth to her at age 17. I graduated high school with 2 children, then went on to practical nursing school the following semester and graduated in december 1995. I had moved out on my own with my children's father on 7/1994 and needed to work to support my children, my boyfriend (who never worked,dropped out of HS, and was a heroin addict), who also abused me mentally and physically throughout our relationship and in front of the children. There were times that we ended up homeless because of his addiction, but I was always the one who got on my feet n got a job n an apt. I eventually got away from this idiot at the age of 21 y/o, FREEDOM!! I then began taking general courses at the local community college working towards my associate's degree in nursing. I FINALLY graduated college with an A.D. in Nursing in 2005! The struggle did not end after that, I mean we had periods of good times, but mostly bad. Just this past year alone, I've been fired from 3-4 jobs(which I've never been fired b4), I had a nervousbreakdown n ended up in a psych hosp., I have an implanted pain pump which is malfunctioning, and remain unemployed based on my last posting. I don't qualify 4 unemployment cause apparently"I owe money so it would be 6 months after I apply that I would actually collect. My parents n family do not speak to me and absolutely DO NOT offer any help. For God's sake, those are their grandchildren n they could care less if they live or die! I guess my bottom line is that I was wondering if there were any generous souls out there who would be willing to help my family and me out during our hard times? I would definitely pay it forward and be forever greatful.             Help Please, Sheila (570)7626198

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About CiNDY91

Honestly this seems like the last time my family was happy. My family has been struggling since early 2005. That was the year my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer the medical bills have been overwhelming ever since then. She has numerous other health problems but for some reason she keeps getting denied social security. My mom has been raising me and my two older brothers all by her self all our lives. We were doing pretty well until 2005 then everything went down hill. Me and my brother Michael are college students. We go to a community college which we can barely afford. And now even our house is falling apart. Everything seems to be breaking left and right. Growing I never saw my mom cry, but recently that's all she has been doing. Everything people see on the outside is nowhere close to all the turmoil on the inside. My family needs help, we are barely keeping our heads above water. My two brothers have jobs, I also had a job but I had broke my ankle while visiting my family in New York and my job positon wasn't held and I was let go. I've been looking for a job but with the current recession I’ve had no luck. It is truly hard for me to write this with out crying. I'm so tired of struggling and trying and not getting anywhere. I just want to see her smile again. My mom worked for about 21 years in the New York corrections department she retired as a captain in 1999. That's the year she moved our family to Las Vegas. She just turned 60 this past August. She can barely walk without crying about how much pain she is in and yet she was still turned down for social security. Anything you can do can help and will be deeply appreciated.I hope what I ask of you isn't too much. my mom named me Cindy because it's short for Cinderella( her favorite fairytale) but these past few years I haven't felt like a princess at all.

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About thanks4yourhelp

Since my last posting in June 2008 in need of help. I have received none. It has been a great struggle, I was trying to save my family and instead one of them took their life due to the fact that we had very little. The worst possible situation yes, but we are working through it. 

Now since my father has left us, I really want to save our family home. The payments are not much but we are behind in the taxes and two month payments. To get caught up we need to raise 5462.00.  I stopped working for about 4 months due to this horrible tragedy, I am in my own financial situation, but I am not asking for myself but for my families home. I do hope that people on this thing actually can help us. It is hard enough that we are struggling for our own home, but being in probate does not help.  So we are asking for help from where ever we can.

I am a photographer, and I have picked my gear back up and I am slowly getting booked out. So I would be willing to travel to most any destination for events and weddings. Other work that I do are portraits, commercial, products, and artistic. But until we are back on our feet we still need help. I do appreciate any assistance that we receive. 

Gratefully yours,


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About Ninamom

Hello. I am in a situation that I know I will never be able to overcome w/o some help from my guardian angel. I am a wife, mom, step-mom, Ninamom, & Grandmother. You see those 3 beautiful girls in my profile picture, the oldest is my baby and the other 2 are my grandaughters, all who I help raise.  My hubsand & I have both worked very hard to support our family. But after his accident, our income DRASTICALLY decreased & we were forced to file for Bankrupcy. In 2002, my husband suffered his first of 6 heart attacks! He's a Diabetic w/heart problems & back problems & is struggeling w/depression & anxiety issues due to his inability to provide for his family like he used to. He takes 10 pills & 4 insulin shots daily which are not cheap! Due to his health he is disabled. I work full time as the office manager. Our combined income is barely enough to survive & w/costs rising, it is getting harder to live. Everything is past due or already cut off: 15k/medical; 5k/credit cards; $76/water; $122/propane; $176/phone; $201/cable; $70/electric; $1250/rent; $2483/IRS. Gas prices are killing me! I drive 45 miles to work 1 way just to have a job w/decent salary. I haven't been grocery shopping in 6mo, if I pay the rent or the bills then I can't afford to buy food! The worst is I have 8 payday loans of $300ea just from trying to make ends meet. This is what is really killing me! If I could get the $2400 to pay off those payday loans & not have to re-apply for them, I would be in such a better place! I've tried other loans but my credit sucks. No one is willing to loan a hard working woman some money for a reasonable mo pmt w/a fair interest rate w/o checking the credit! Yes, I am high-risk credit wise, but I have a good heart & a conscious. I'm not looking for a hand out, just a second chance. I feel like I am going to have a heart attack! I remind myself that no matter how bad we have it, someone has it worse. I am truly blessed in the way of family but unfortunately, that does not pay the bills, if it did, I'd be RICH! I've been thru many ups & downs w/my family & many scary situations. I have almost lost my husband a few times & we just lost one of our beloved Rottweilers, Nikita, a couple weeks ago to an unexpected, sudden stroke, I've been homeless, jobless, autoless, hungry, hurt, talked about, but something always gives. I always help people when I can. Me & my husband have the biggest hearts, especially when it comes to kids & animals. We've raised others kids, taken in homeless families & rehabilitated sick animals. My motto, ''Be Generous & You Will Be Prosperous. Help Others & You Will Be Helped.'' Proverbs 11:25. I believe there is a guardian angel out there willing to help me, maybe he/she will read this & agree to help me out in some way, every little bit helps.  God only gives people as much as they can handle, so he must think I am a very strong person. I still have my faith & hope because if I let go of that, I fear that I will die. Are you my Guardian Angel?

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About lilronnie

my nephew father just passed away at 1 am the day after fathers day.  my nephew is in jail and his fathers family is struggling to pay for the funeral.  they need to have $2600.00 before any of the funeral home in our hometown of cleveland, ohio will do the services. the family and myself will greatly appreciate any help we can get. the family has been given a deadline of tuesday june 24, 2008 to come up with the money. please help us!

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Comment: Hi shelly2 Here is a place...

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Hi shelly2 Here is a place to try for the rent money . I am not sure what the limit is on how much money they will offer , but it might work for your situation. soulight

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Comment: i really need help me and...

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i really need help me and my son we are about to get evicted we have nowhere to go i dont have the money to pay the rent all i need is 700.00 can some one please help me and my son
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concerned gf  

concerned gf

My boyfriend has two years in recovery and we recently were blessed with an amazing little girl. Everything is great, except Josh's teath are ruined from years of abuse. They are almost all broken off at the gum line. They all need to be pulled and he needs dentures this is far out of our price range, with a brand new baby and me being a full time student. Josh paints full time, but he just make enough to take care of us, his family. Not only are the teeth unattractive, but a source of poor esteem and I feel it might relect poorly on our daughter. In a addition I feel there is a health risk here, with the broken off teeth becoming infected to jus the general concern that he can not chew his food properly. I need him to be around as long as possible. Every little gril deserves a daddy.
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i need help with rent
i  really  need  help  iam  disable   iam  allso  a  single  parent   i  need  help  to  catch   on  my  bills   i  dont  even  have an  thing  to  put  on  i  dont  have    nothing  for  my  son   and  i  dont  know  how  i  will  give  my  son  a  good   christmas  because  i  dont  have  the  money  i  cry  every  night  and   my  son  ask  me  whats  wrong  i  dont  tell  him  because  i  dont  want  him  to  cry  i  cry  every  day  some  one  please   help  me    iam  so  depressed  i  dont  know  what  to  do  iam  very  sick  
i  have  a  son  thats  not  going  to  have  a  good  christmas  because  i  dont  have  the  money  could  some  one  help  that  my  son  have  a  good  christmas  i  really  need  help
i  need  help   catch  up  on  my  bills  iam  a  single  women  every  day  i  cry  because i  dont  have  food  to  eat   if  any  one  can  help  me  out   it  will  be  nice  i  pray   every  day  to  ask  god  to  help  me  out   right  now  i  have  a  light  bill  that  300.00  and  i  dont  know  how  i  will  pay  for  it     i  get   in  the    bed  and  cry  every  day   please   some  one  help  me 
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